Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Technical Difficulty

OK, I must have some bad electronic mojo going one! First my printer/copier won't work and then my internet connections dies! What's next, oh, I did not just ask that. So 2 1/2 days with out internet almost killed me, it was amazing how many times I would find myself in front of the computer mindlessly checking my email. Forget the fact that I love to feel loved by my friends and family, the major issue was work! I never really thought about that issue, when you have an online biz you really need online access!

But I am back and I am glad of it! I have fun stuff so share like new oilcloths, a few more pantry tuts and the after shot of my pantry. But for now I have be a grown up and to get to shipping and printing. I will return later today with something fun!

I haven't forgot you all that won those tag kits, I just haven't been able to get to your addresses! I will send them out soon!

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