Monday, April 13, 2009

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Question Number One: Tablecloths

Hello there,

I live in NYC & have my first ever outdoor space (yea!). I'm trying to make the space hip & beautiful while budget conscious so am thinking of a folding table (the space is quite small) with an oil cloth table cloth. The table I think I'll get is 37" by 37", and I can't figure out what size of oilcloth I would need to order. I love many of them, but if I have to pick only one it may be Modern Silver Lace Oilcloth. I look forward to hearing back. Have a great day and thanks for your fun store!

Miss A,


Congrats! An outside space is a good thing no matter where you live.

Oilcloth makes a terrific and budget friendly solution. Oilcloth has been adorning tables for over a century. You can hem it or leave the edge raw since it will not fray. Our grandmothers used to head down to the 5 and 10 or local hardware store and have a piece cut so they could come home and slap it on the table and call it pretty. It has always been a low cost option for protecting a nice table or covering up a bad one.

The lace oilcloth has a repeat pattern, so buying it a little longer than you need it will be very helpful. The lace print has a lovely medallion shape that runs down the center of the print. This medallion is spaced out every 17 1/2 inches in the center.

The fabric is 47 inches wide so if you go for a 47 inch square you would need to get 2 yards. Since your table will likely be a 37 inch square your tablecloth will end up having a 5 inch drop on all four sides. By buying the two yards you ensure you can get the most out of your oilcloth and ou will be happy to have the extra. You can use the extra for tons of things, something like lining some old metal trays and use them for serving your first al fresco meal.

I hope this helps!


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