Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Chalk Cloth Cure!

When your chalk cloth arrives it's a nice solid black. But, if you were to write on it at this point you would end up with ghost lines. Meaning, if you write "pie is yummy" on the black cloth, your going to see a faint outline of those words. I prefer to cure my chalk cloth so it looks like a fabric chalkboard. This just requires a little TLC.
 Start by rubbing a piece of chalk cloth from side to side with the broad side of the chalk.
Then with a damp cloth wipe off the chalk. This will leave your chalk cloth gray and smeared, so grab a second towel that is just a bit damp and wipe it off again. Now your good to go!
The chalk will have scratched your fabric here and there, this is normal. This is what give your fabric the appearance of a chalkboard.
Doodle on my friends... Doodle on!

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