Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I just can't help but share this love note that I received along with an order... 

"I was a fan of oilcloth before, but after your book--an Addict! I made a half dozen bins for gifts and now need to make some for myself--you are a marvel and I thank you for sharing and supplying the goods! And chalk cloth--who knew?? Can't wait." K. L.

Photo Credit: Meghan McSweeney
Check out the oilcloth storage bins from Sewing with Oilcloth. I love that Kelly made a bunch of these for her family and friends love and that she's now making more for herself! What an honor and a compliment!

Have you made something from the book? Please send us some photos and we'll share them with the class. I am hoping Kelly sends me some pictures soon!!!


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