Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a Yellowishus idea

Yellowishus? Oh yea, I made up a new word. (I do that, a lot) It's all about yellow here at Oilcloth Addict! I am just loving this new print, Big Apple Yellow!
You know what I am seeing? Placemats!! Check it out what I am calling a panel is 20 1/2" long and 47"/48" wide. 
Then I cut the panel in to three smaller rectangles that are about 15" x 20 1/2" each. You could now trim them up to the same size and you have a great single-sided placemat or you could really crafty and follow the How-To: Outdoor Placemats by Lish Dorset to make a reversible placemat. (see photo below)
Photo Credit: Lish Dorset
Here is the tricky part, one yard won't give you enough for more than 3 placemats but 1 1/2 will get you 6 placemats. Feel free to convo me for a special placemat listing and I'll make sure you get the right amount.


Elyse said...

so cute!

i see gingham in my future ...


Kelly said...

Do you know? ; )