Friday, February 4, 2011

Q & A: Covering chair cushions with laminated cotton

Question: I am considering re-doing some old chairs that currently have oilcloth on their seats. They would be used in a very active kitchen (which includes three kids). How would cotton laminate hold up as opposed to oilcloth?

Kelly: While laminated cotton is not as thick as oilcloth, I do think that it will work. It's thin and supple, but it's still strong. I think it would last longer than if you were to use a medium weight cotton fabric.

If I were to try this, I would add a layer of fusible interfacing. I've had some luck using fusible Heat Bond on the back of laminated cotton. You need to use a dry iron, set on medium heat, and be sure to use a press cloth or the laminate will melt!! The interfacing would increase the longevity of the cotton laminate for use as seat cushions.

Oilcloth is a great fabric for covering seats, but laminated cottons have a different design aesthetic and compliment certain decors better than the kitschy oilcloth prints.

photo credit Prudent Baby
I am a big fan of going with the unexpected when it comes to easy projects like seat covers, and I like to change things every couple of years. I don't think you'd be unhappy if you used the laminated cotton.

Check out this fun bath bench from the brilliantly talented Prudent Baby gals! I'll email them and see how this cute bench has held up and report back to you all ASAP!

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