Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching up!

Have I been a bad blogger or what?  Things have been busy and exciting around here. Oilcloth Addict is selling up a storm, Modern June is cranking out lots of fun tablecloths and other goodies as usual. We are almost done creating the new MODERNJUNE.COM and I have been having fun shopping for new vendors to add to the "Modern June" of it all!  Most importantly, I have been having a blast writing patterns for the book!  I still can't believe that I am getting the chance to write a book all about sewing oilcloth!!! How cool is that? 

Later this week I will have a few customer projects to share with you, but before I get to that, let me share with you all the fun things I found made out of laminated cotton at last months Quilt Market!

When it comes to laminates it's all about the raincoat!  
 Fabrics from the great Free Sprite and Westminter Fabric...  Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner,
Heather Bialey Kaffe Fassett Luella Doss

What about totes?  Yah... totes in laminated cottons are perfect for a tote! Think about taking one of these sweeties to the farmers market, nice!   

pretty new fabrics from Free Sprite and Echino

Now what about this? What about a really rocking bag? Diaper Bags, make up bags and weekender bags are wonderful in laminated cotton. 

Anna Marie Horner and Echino

We will be filling up the shop with more and more Laminated Cotton this summer!!!


Little Green Doll said...

I love these raincoats! the fabrics are very nice and original!

kiddlebug said...

Those raincoats are great!!