Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wrap it up, oilcloth gift envelope

I posted this tutorial yesterday on Modern June and thought I would share it here too.... At Modern June, we offer free gift wrapping to all our customers. I just love taking the time to make a package pretty, special and reusable. I have a lot of pretty boxes and paper for just such occasions, but how can you get it to its destination, looking great without spending an arm and a leg on shipping? Enter my old assistant and friend Suzanne, from Silver Tree Art. She makes the most lovely, reusable, fabric gift bags from fabric scraps and trims. Having received several of these sweet gifts over the years, I soon realized that this was the perfect solution to gift giving and shipping!

I don't have a pattern, but I do have a method. To start with, I always use scrap fabric, usually oilcloth scraps, but cotton and paper would also be a fantastic alternative. Use what you have! If you like the look and sturdiness of the oilcloth, head on over to my other shop Oilcloth Addict for great selection.

Stuff you gotta have:
  • your gift 
  • sufficient fabric to createan  envelope and a flap. 
  • trim, ribbon, ric rac, or buttons to use as a closure
  • cutting tools
  • sewing machine

You would think that as a professional pattern maker I would do this more methodically... no way! This is a down and dirty project. D and D all they way! Simply lay your gift down and eyeball a bit of extra space around it.

Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance (S/A) while trimming off extra.

Angle cut your flap.

Flip your fabric so it's right sides out, match up your scallops and sew using a 1/2 SA.

Attach tie, in this case ric rac, leaving one end long enough to wrap around the back of the package once, then add 8 inches--the second tie will be an additional 8 inches. Bar Tack your tie in place at the 8" mark.

This time I used red ric rac as a tie, but in the past I have sewn on a button and slit a hole to close up my envelopes. Either way, it's great fun and a good way to use up what's laying around.

Add your tags and load her up! I made a heart out of some oilcloth and used it as the tag. Just make a tiny slit and slip it on.


casserole said...

What a fun way to package a gift!! I blogged your tutorial out on Craft Gossip Sewing:
(link will go live at 1:45 pm CST)


Waseem said...

what a fun way to package a gift...i wish to package like that Gift Card envelopes.