Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Arrived: Orange Gingham and Green Lace Oilcloth

Look at what the UPS man brought us this week! Green Paradise Lace and Orange Gingham oilcloth for the up coming holiday seasons!

Here are some fun combinations that I love with the green lace oilcloth.
You can take this girlie by adding pinks, autumnal with greens and browns,
or go holiday and pair it with the reds!
My favorite combo is the cherries, I am thinking cherry tablecloth with a thin green lace trim.

I bought the orange gingham with one thing in mind, Halloween.
But now that I see it I
like it for so much more!
The orange lace is not a great match, I added that so you could see.
I love the browns and the greens. That green dot is my favorite!

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