Monday, October 27, 2008

Use what you have!

Use what you have!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Use what you have? OK! What I have are scraps of oilcloth--lots and lots of scraps.

The other day I needed a birthday sign for my cute Hubby's birthday, so I grabbed a handful of oilcloth scraps and I cut this sign. I just taped it straight to the wall, but I recommend you use that gummy non-marking stick-up stuff.

While I was making my masterpiece I realized that I had something fun going on! I started thinking about charm packs, the ones that I admire at the quilt shop and I how great it would be to have an oilcloth charm pack. But instead of 5 inch squares, I think that 4x6 inch rectangles will be best for the OILCLOTH ADDICT charm pack (better for letters at least).

When I made mine, I just cut it right out, willy-nilly, cuz I am like that. But, you can print out your saying in your favorite font, trace it onto the back and get cutting. Go to town, the possibilities are endless. Please remember when marking your letters on the wrong side of the oilcloth you need reverse your letters.

So go ahead, get to it... be creative today!


Amy said...

Hey Kelly,

Could you use those die-cut machines to cut oilcloth? You know, the ones with the lever? I think that would be great for teachers, because the letters wouldn't get torn up.

queenb said...

That is such a simple and great idea for all of us oilcloth addicts! thanks for that creative thought!